the man cave

When I think of "man cave" the first thing that pops into my head is The King of Queens. Remember that garage space Doug Heffernan would frequent with his buddies after a long day of delivering for "IPS"? It was his sanctuary. Beat up, sunken in couch, pool table, stocked beer fridge and a TV. Man caves (or offices or second living rooms) can look very different, but the purpose is pretty much the give guys a place to unwind, have a drink, watch a game and catch up with buddies.

Designing masculine spaces is not only fun, it's pretty rewarding! To "hit the nail on the head" and to know that I have helped another member of a family (or sometimes the single bachelor) to make a space where they love to live is a pretty great feeling.

When I pull together a more masculine space, I try to bring in natural elements (like the cowhide rug), industrial metal finishes, soft "baseball glove" leather and darker colors like navy, grey and black. To make the room even more moody, I usually suggest a smoky wall color, like Kendall Charcoal.

To recreate this space, check out the source list here:

  1. Chandelier

  2. Cowhide Rug

  3. Chesterfield Sofa

  4. Striped Pillow

  5. Geometric Pillow

  6. Lumbar Pillow

  7. Whiskey Bottle Art

  8. Industrial Bar Cart

  9. Petrified Wood Coffee Table

  10. Armchair

my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess