suck it up

We have nicknames for our family members (many of our close friends know my youngest daughter's nickname...the MOD, Master of Disaster) and I was lovingly, or probably sarcastically, nicknamed the Clean Freak by Charlie. I have to admit, I earned that nickname pretty honestly. When asked about hobbies I have the first thing that pops into my head is usually "cleaning" that not considered a hobby? I totally think it should be. Aside from the daily once over and multiple mini cleanings I do, I try to give the house a good cleaning from top to bottom once a week and I absolutely LOVE that day. I love organizing, wiping, scrubbing, putting everything in its place. I think I love it a little too much because I get so excited when I look at my calendar and can pick a good three hour block of time to devote to cleaning. I turn up the music (usually the Best of Pink or Lauren Daigle radio) and get to work.

For years I have used a Miele canister vacuum and, while I love it for the excellent cleaning job it does, it's heavy and awkward to maneuver in some spaces. A few months ago, a friend recommended the LG CordZero Stick Vacuum. GAME CHANGER. It is small enough and so well-designed that I don't mind leaving it plugged in in my kitchen instead of hiding it in a closet. Since it's so easily accessible, the kids and I can grab it any time of the day for small messes or to even vacuum our whole first floor in just a few minutes. On cleaning day, the battery power lasts long enough for me to vacuum our whole 3,600 square foot house and the Turbo feature gives an extra boost (I like to use that on carpets). The heads are easily interchangeable and it picks up every little thing so well that, even after I vacuum a floor that looks pretty clean to me, the canister is full of a small dog's worth of dog hair (and I thought our dog didn't shed very much!).

It's a little pricey, but aren't most things that do their job well? You can save quite a bit on this little guy if you're a Costco member, I think I paid around $300 for it which is cheaper than a cleaning lady for a couple of weeks. This stick vacuum has sure made this Clean Freak so very happy and I know it will make you happy, too, even if you don't love cleaning day!

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