roll with it

I have two of these carts in my pantry, one for snacks for the kids and one for baking ingredients (flour, sugar, chocolate chips, vanilla extract, baking powder, etc.). They are sturdy, easily rolled into the kitchen and so inexpensive (only $27.99!). They also come in three colors, but you can easily spray paint them to match your decor.

If you do a quick Google search or check out Pinterest, you can come up with dozens of uses for the cart. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Store cleaning supplies in a closet

  2. Store paper products in a closet

  3. Organize beauty products, makeup, nail polish, blow dryer, flat iron, hair products

  4. Diaper caddy next to the changing table

  5. Extra space in the closet for baby clothing and kid clothing

  6. A caddy in the guest bathroom for hand towels and toilet paper

  7. Arts and Crafts storage

  8. Organize gift wrapping supplies

  9. Make a homework station with paper, pens, pencils, tape, calculators, rulers, etc.

  10. Coffee station, ice cream sundae station or hot cocoa station

  11. Organize laundry detergents, wool balls, essential oils and dryer sheets

  12. Lunch packing station with ziploc bags, utensils, napkins, water bottles, etc.

my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess