laundry room makeover

Besides the kitchen, I would have to say the laundry room is the second room in the house where I spend most of my time. Here are a few ways to make the chore of laundry feel less like a chore:

  1. Liquid and Powder Containers: Store detergent, laundry pods, fabric softener and baking soda in pretty glass beverage dispensers (like these) or oversized glass jars with lids (like these). If you use beverage containers just know that the spout will clog over time and you will probably not be able to use the spout to dispense liquid (I leave a cup measure in mine and just take the lid off to scoop out what I need.

  2. Dryer Sheet Holder: I like to store my dryer sheets in an open wire tray (like this one from Anthropologie) because they give the laundry room a fresh scent, but Amazon sells dryer sheet dispensers. I like this one because the wood top gives it a natural, warm feel.

  3. Clothes Pins and Lost Money: When in doubt, you can store pretty much anything in a mason jar or wire basket . I have both things for clothes pins and loose change that I find rolling around in the dryer.

  4. Wool Balls, Sprays and Essential Oils: A woven basket with dividers makes the perfect caddy for your wool balls, your stain sprays and your essential oils. I like woven baskets because they are just so pretty, but a plastic caddy will work as well. This one from Target would be the perfect size for the job.

  5. Pretty Laundry Baskets: I'm not against a good, sturdy plastic laundry basket but I prefer these from Crate and Barrel. Not only are they nice to look at, but they are durable and hold a lot of clothes!

my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess