how to host the bathroom

I love to entertain and one of the places I try to make comfortable for my guests (or overnight guests in particular) is the bathroom. Here are some ideas to make your powder room or your guest bathroom a little more friendly for your company:

  1. A good candle. We have all spent a small fortune on candles only to find that they are "fake" smelling, sickening sweet or don't smell at all. The Nest candle line is my absolute favorite. They are a little price-y, but you get what you pay for in this case! They burn evenly, smell incredible and last a really long time. This grapefruit scent is my favorite for most of the year (Holiday is my favorite scent at Christmas!)

  2. Nice towels. Whether it's a hand towel in your powder room for occasional guests or bath towels for overnight guests, offering fresh, thick and quick drying towels will give your guests a feeling of luxury that they might not get at home. The Williams-Sonoma Hydrocotton towel is my go-to choice.

  3. Thick toilet paper and Poo-Pourri. I have dissected cadavers in graduate school, done some pretty intense wound care in my Physical Therapy internship, and birthed three children, so I don't get grossed out very easily (well, except for vomit...that's my kryptonite). We all poop so why not make it more comfortable for your company? A basket of three ply toilet paper and a bottle of Poo-Pourri on the back of the toilet will definitely be appreciated.

  4. Feminine products. We've all been there, a surprise visit from Aunt Flo when we are less than prepared. Fill a drawer with pads, pantiliners, and tampons in different absorbancies.

  5. Mouthwash, extra toothbrushes, floss, travel size deodorant and travel size soap bars. For your overnight guests, fill a drawer (or even a cute, tiered tower on the countertop) with any travel sized toiletry items you think they might have forgotten to bring from home. Having this stash is also handy for those impromptu overnight guests that may have had a little too much bubbly at your New Year's Eve party and need a place to sleep it off!

  6. A plunger. Last but not least, but probably the MOST important, is the household plunger. Finicky toilets can make guests feel over-the-top embarrassed if caught in a back-up situation!

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