go make your bed

There are so many ways to make a bed, this way is my favorite.

1. SHEETS: Start with a nice set of sheets. Your "nice set" might be soft, crisp, flannel, cotton, sateen, wrinkle free, organic, etc. I usually recommend that my clients select their sheets because, like your favorite bra, it's pretty personal. Peacock Alley is one of the top rated manufacturers in the design world so, if you're looking for an investment, start there.

2. COVERLET: On top of the base layer, I spread out a quilt or coverlet. I like the weight of a coverlet over the top of my flat sheet but I also like the blank canvas it gives to the bedding that will go on top of it. This is a beautiful coverlet by Ballard Designs that goes with a variety of design styles.

3. DUVET: Now the fun part, the duvet brings in the pattern! But, your pattern doesn't have to be a "pattern", it could be a texture in the same color as the coverlet and sheets...monochromatic is so beautiful. Check out this monochromatic bed by designer Linda Burkhardt of New York Kitchen and Bath:

I fill the duvet cover with a lofty duvet insert. Designer Trick: If you have a queen bed then insert a king size duvet into it for some extra fullness. Then, take that beautiful duvet and fold it in thirds at the foot of your bed. Make sure you don't cover the footboard if there is one!

4. SHAMS: Shams are the final piece when making your bed. For a king bed I like to use three Euro shams in front of the pillows you sleep on and then two king shams in front of the Euro shams. For a queen bed, I use two Euro shams and then two standard shams. Since these are decorative, the inserts don't need to be anything fancy, I like these from Amazon.

my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess