five easy ways to decorate for fall

I think it's safe to say that most of us are ready for fall. Cool mornings, pumpkin everything, warm sweaters and football. Fall is my favorite time of year for so many reasons and I'll share one of them with you today...fall decorating brings the ultimate feeling of "home" to a space.

Here are five super simple ways to get your home fall-ready:

1. Group White/Green/Apricot Colored Pumpkins at Your Front Door:

Naturally, the first place you might want to start your fall edit is at the front door. I have been a fan of white pumpkins for a while now but in the past couple of years, I have learned to love the soft green and pale apricot varieties as well. Group a number of these in all shapes and sizes on either side of your front door and cascade them all the way down your steps. (Photo credit: Studio McGee)

2. Make a Cozy Place to Lounge with Fall Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets:

My children can usually tell which season we are in by the throw pillows on our couch. In the spring and summer, the pillows are lighter and brighter while in the fall and winter they are darker, warmer and full of texture and pattern. An easy way to transition your home from season to season is to switch out your current throw pillows and blankets with new ones in cozy colors, textures and patterns.


Top Left: Oversized Cable Knit Throw Pillow - Target

Top Middle: Woven Plaid Throw Pillow - Target

Top Right: Terra Cotta Velvet Throw Pillow - Kirkland's

Middle Left: Gray Cable Knit Lumbar Pillow - Target

Middle Middle: Oversize Square Woven Pillow - Target

Middle Right: Ivory Angled Stripe Lumbar Pillow - World Market

Bottom Left: Ivory and Gray Stripe Woven Blanket - World Market

Bottom Middle: Plaid Mohair Throw Blanket - Target

Bottom Right: Rib Knit Throw Blanket - Target

3. Surround Yourself with Fall Scents:

Fall is all about the senses, right? We see beautiful leaves changing into the most gorgeous of colors, we hear cheers of the crowd while we watch football games, we taste the savory comfort foods and we feel soft sweaters, blankets and robes. My fall decorating wouldn't be complete without satisfying our family's sense of smell and these are my two favorite fall-inspired scents. One that fills the air and one that leaves a wonderfully spicy scent on your hands after a good scrubbing. Side Note: I don't normally love candles, I prefer to stick to diffusing essential oils, but this one will just make your whole home smell like the perfect fall day!

4. White Pumpkins Scattered Everywhere:

I go a little crazy when I see white pumpkins making their first fall appearances in grocery stores, farmers markets and plant nurseries. I have to have them all. Big, little, tall, squatty, give me a basketful of white pumpkins and I'm a happy girl. They are such an easy way to spruce up for fall, they don't rot for a very long time (unless you cut them) and you don't have to worry about having space to store them because, once the season is over, you can compost them or throw them into the woods to give friendly deer a treat like we normally do behind our house. (Photo credit: Dear Lillie)

5. Change Out Your Kitchen Towels:

This is the time of year to add a little fun and whimsy to your home! The holidays are approaching which might mean gatherings with friends and family so show welcome guests to your space with happy little accent towels draped over the oven handle. I like the one above (etsy) for its sweet sentiment and muted colors. And, the Creative Women Cotton Towel by West Elm is natural and relaxed...perfect for your kitchen, the heart of your home.

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