5 interior design trends you'll fall in love with

We've come a long way, baby! From the orange shag carpets and avocado colored refrigerators we grew up with to the marble waterfall islands and high end appliances of today, interior design has transformed tremendously in a pretty short time. Here are 5 design trends that are oh so fabulous right now:

  1. Layering Rugs: Rugs add color, style and texture to a space and the only thing better than one rug is two rugs. Anchor your room with a natural rug (a chunky jute is my rug of choice) and top it with a smaller rug in a traditional pattern, an animal hide or a fun, bold print. Guess where I find my favorite jute rug? It's this one, from Amazon.

  2. Greenery: In design school I learned that most rooms in a home should have a little greenery. Bringing the outside in gives a feeling of "home" and effortlessly completes a space. Faux greenery often looks fake (although some places, like Home Goods, have some pretty realistic faux potted plants and stems!), BUT, I also don't have a green thumb. In all honesty, I have way too much going on to tend to a plant anyway...I'm just trying to keep humans alive. Some pretty easy, low maintenance plants are ivy, fiddle leaf figs, succulents and ferns. If you do want to go the faux route (no judgment here), check out this beautiful faux eucalyptus spray from World Market (they also have pretty gorgeous faux plum blossoms, too!)

  3. Wallpaper: I LOVE wallpaper. A fun pattern in a powder room, a unique pattern for your wet bar backsplash (love grasscloth for this) or even papering the back of a closet to provide visual can't go wrong with wallpaper. I adore this one and will hopefully use it in one of my personal projects or a project for a client some day: Lotus by Galbraith and Paul

  4. Blue Paint: Blue comes in so many different hues from the palest shade to a deep, rich, dramatic statement color. Blue works well on cabinetry, furniture pieces and walls. If you're looking for an accent color to complete your room then blue is probably what you need! Some of my favorites are Hale Navy, Wales Gray, Solitude and James River Gray.

  5. Gold Hardware: There was a time in the not so distant past that gold or brass hardware was pretty polarizing. Honestly, it took me a while to fully hop on this bandwagon. I started slowly and incorporated a little gold hardware to my powder room. Then, I added an antique brass light fixture to my master bedroom. Finally, I fully committed to vintage brass hardware throughout my kitchen remodel. This design trend might take a little getting used to, but it provides warmth and classic style that can be used in so many ways and in so many spaces!

Layered Rugs and Greenery

my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess