I've always had a hard time writing about myself so I'll keep it simple.  I'm a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a Christian, a former physical therapist, an interior designer, an ex-wife and a fiance.  All of those things inspired me to sit down and write 'my blue nest blog'.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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My Story

We all have a story, and I would love to hear yours.  My story has many ups and downs and that perfect Christmas card that was sent out every year was just not always accurate.  There was a lot going on in those smiling faces behind the camera lens; there were many life changes, emotions (sometimes good, sometimes bad), questions, frustrations, fear, worry and a whole lot of whining from one then two then three children that were asked to pose for just one more picture.  There was often whining and frustration from the only male in those pictures as well, more on that in another blog post I'm sure.  But, in the end, the mess always looked perfectly put together. 


Looks can be deceiving.


I'm here to show my honest truth.  In the age of Fakebook and social media we often don't get to see the real real.  We see filtered pictures and hashtags about being "blessed" and living your "best life" or having the "best day".  It can't ALL be the best...can it?  

As an interior designer, my goal has been to help others love where they live.  My mission for this blog is to help others to love where they livelove who they live withlove what they do, and love their whole life...no matter what that life might look like. 


If you're like me, most of the best moments, the worst moments and the life-changing moments of your life probably don't make it to social media.  Mine have made it here, in the posts of 'my blue nest blog'.



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my blue nest

a perfectly put together mess